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The Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival continues to be a wonderful community event that relies on many things to be successful - including the generous gifts of time and energy on behalf of all our amazing volunteers! We simply could not do this without you and your support!!

Volunteer for the Festival

57 Years of Applause!!

The world is hugged by the faithful arms of volunteers. ~Terri Guillemets!

Thanks go to all of you – our Amazing 2013 MVFAF Volunteers!!!

September 21 & 22, 2013 Weekend summary

Saturday Cheers to all of you who squished through the mud and did what you could to help artists and fellow festival volunteers/staff protect art, equipment, materials, programs, etc...you were inspirational!   Saturday would have been a very different (and not very pleasant) experience without you!

Sunday was our reward! What a beautiful sunny day!

  • Bravo to our Sunday volunteers who helped manage the crowds. Seemed like we had double our normal Sunday visitors and you were there to greet them and help create a wonderful day!  
  • Big hand to our Terrific Teens for pitching in wherever you could throughout the weekend. You kept your smiles on and came in with a "what can I help with next" attitude...you are appreciated!
  • And finally, hats off to our conscientious would be volunteers who were unable to make it due to weather, illness or unexpected schedule changes. Thank you for letting us know as soon as you could. This allowed us to shift staff around to cover positions as necessary. 
Round of applause to all our volunteers
Please note: We combined our Teen and Adult volunteer lists this year. Every effort was taken to ensure we captured all volunteers who checked in at the volunteer booth. Apologies to anyone who may have been missed in the excitement and/or whose name may have been smudged or washed away due to rain!)
Aine Carlisle
Al-e McWhorter
Amy Allis
Antje Warring
Ariana Mahallari
Asha Cummings
Audrey Blaker
Audrey Boland
Audrey Lyall
Barbara Montano
Barbara Morgan
Barbara Reitebach
Ben Baker
Bettina Mow
Bill Katz
Billy Werner
Brianna Frierson
Carol Burns
Carol Lee
Carole Fiedler
Carolyn Burwell
Cesar Florez
Charlie Dunlap
Chris Vigers
CJ Carrillo
Claudia Trinlein-Engman
Colette Devlin
Colleen Gregorian
Connie Stephan
Daniel Lee
Dash Yarnold
Dasia Caridad
David Donenfeld
David Gregory
Debora Babe
Devin Creek
Diane Curtis
Diane Marshall
Donna Carrillo
Eliza Mantz
Ellen Burkhart
Emerson English
Emily Oeste
Emma Peters
Eva Libien
Evelyn Schaefer
Fern Donenfeld
Fran Prewitt
Frank Quevedo
Gabby Santas
Gabe Renneisen
Gale Weisman
Geoff Kwiat
Ginny Walters
Guillaume Spendor
Hannah Denis
Hayley Ricci
Hayley Turner
Hayley Turner
Holly Hadlock
Isabella Alanso
Isabella Vega
Izzy Wright
Jack Bushell
Jade Granger
Jane Bhan
Janet Seelinger
janice white
Jerry Gentiel
Jerry Weisman
Jessica Romm
Joan Nelson
Joanne Haight
Joe Meuse
Jordan Koch
Joy Graustark
Judah VanZandt
Judy Gruszynski
Julia Althoff
Jayne Mcpherson
Jeffery Marshall
Jenna Song
Jennifer Brilliant
Jeremy Loiacono
Kat Ryan
Katy Fraser
Kay DeMattei
Keely Jenkins
Kelly Kobetsky
Kenzie Johnsen
Kim Hobson
Kirby Hutson
Larry Bliss
Larry Carlin
Laura Garten
Laura Uzes
Lauren Alexander
Laurie Fossier-Mills
Laurie Reemsnyder
Leila Sharifi
Linda Montano
Linda Reis
Lisa Vinson
Liz Leone
Loral Good
Lorenzo Jones
Lydia Sharifi
Lyn Wood
Lynda Beth Unkeless
Lynn Frazier
Lynn Kathleen Adams
Mae Puckett
Manny Lee
Marcia Blackman
Marcialeny Engman
Margo Reis
Mari Siebold
Marlys Green
Mary Lou Dibbern
Marylouise Russell
Matt Godino
Matthew Kline
Max D'Amore
Max Murray
May Uriarte Sanders
Meg Rose
Meg McManus
Michael Vogel
Mickey Sun
Miyo Hall
Monika Bala
Nate Orwig
Noel Gregorian
Norm Buller
Paige Silverman
Pamela Eichenbaum
pamela hansen
Pat Loy
Phil Garratt
Philip Seelinger
Ramona Mushthu
Rita Callaghan
Rita Charles
Robyn Ow
Ryan Styles
Salomè Donenfeld
Sandra Esposito
Shannon Boland
Sheila Levine
Shirlee Newman
Simone Adams
Starling Scholz
stella perone
Steven Rosenfeld
Susan Bergeron
Susan Rahmer
Suzan Barrie Aiken
Teri Sarver
Teri Zweygardt
Terry Graham
Theresa Morent
Tom Nilsson
Tou VanZandt
Ty Kelly
Val Binns
Verenna Faulkner
Victoria Cooper
William Saccomanno
Yvonne Giambrone
Zak McKellips

Photo by Mo DeLong/Marin Magazine

Become a volunteer!
If you would like to become a volunteer, for the weekend, or even during the year, we would love to hear from you.

Contact: Trez Bennett 925.323.7735
or email: volunteers@mvfaf.org

For answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about volunteering at Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival click here.