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Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival Merchandise

We are excited to have Marin Cultural Treasure Kathleen Lipinski as our poster artist for 2021!

Kathleen Lipinski has worked with images of the California landscape in painting and printmaking for over forty years, referencing her own photographs, sketches and memories to create oil paintings up to 14 feet wide. Her art combines a love of nature with her dedication to realism, attention to detail and ability to capture the quality of light.

Kathleen's shows include the Triton Museum, Morris Graves Museum and Jenkins-Johnson Gallery in San Francisco and New York. Her work has been featured at Marin/Scapes, on the cover of Marin Magazine and the Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival poster in 1987, 1997 and 2021. Kathleen & her husband, artist Steve Emery, are the 2015 recipients of the Marin Cultural Treasure Award.

Visits to Kathleen’s San Anselmo studio are welcome by appointment.
Her website